Waves high as buildings running over Florence. I am not used to these big waves rolling in from the vast Atlantic. I am scared out there. Im doubting myself. Am I prepared for the wind that will increase the next day according to the forecast. But then the sun sets and the night enters. The moon that lightens up my path, the waves that breaks around the boat with millions of shining algaes called sea-fire and the eternal sky of stars above me – and my fear is replaced by wonder. I am feeling grateful that I am gifted with this moment. That my eyes are here to receive all this nature.

The passage went well and I reached Coruna after less than 3 days, before the stronger winds came.

The northwest coast of Spain was beautiful and I stayed in Vigo to get some help with the boat from swedish Christian. And I also picked up my new foresail from Boding which Jonas made very quickly. He is by the way the best sailmaker and a great supporter to me!

Finally I was sailing into my favourite city – Lisbon. I tried to start the engine but it didnt start. I know how hard my boat is to manouver and I got nervous. I never docked without the engine. The wind from behind was pretty strong and it was about to get dark. I sailed towards a small pontoon that was my closest and safest way to land. An officer in a white seaman-suite greeted me and told me kindly that I was illegally on the navy base then he asked if I was hungry. The orders from the commander was that I could only stay there as a friend and the night ended with a fiest-dinner with the whole navy and a good sleep in the navy base hotel. The next day they helped me fix the engine. Portugese people are the greatest.

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